Striving to meet code and comply with insurance safety requirements motivated us to develop SmartSeam, a revolutionary product that protects against dust and debris while also adhering to fire safety standards. As the interior protection industry grew, fire marshals, safety personnel, and insurance companies became more involved in the process and concerns about traditional protection impeding the sprinkler systems, whether installed above or below the sprinklers, surfaced. Installing traditional protection below the sprinklers has the potential to cause issues that can otherwise be avoided. If a fire ignited, water from the sprinkler system may not be able to extinguish the flames, or the system could experience delayed reaction time. Similarly, installing above the sprinklers also poses a serious threat to the client’s system. The interior protection could melt onto the sprinklers, impairing their ability to activate. Either way, the traditional method of interior protection was not compliant with the NFPA Chapter 13 regulations, so we sought a new way to protect, without sacrificing safety or disregarding fire codes.

Engineered for Strength, Designed for Safety

SmartSeam can be described as a material option of our Suspended Cover product; it contains all the signature TuffWrap features, such as antimicrobial, antistatic, and fire retardant properties. The additional benefit of SmartSeam is its heat-reactive seam, an advanced technology engineered by TuffWrap. When the seam is activated by heat, the SmartSeam breaks away, allowing for the sprinklers to function as designed. We wanted to make absolutely certain that this would be safe, and therefore pursued approval from Underwriter Laboratories. After three years, close to one thousand tests, and extensive research and development, SmartSeam is now the only UL-classified interior protection solution that can be installed safely beneath sprinkler systems.

Investing back into our industry with innovations and by providing safety for our customers on all fronts is a goal that we achieved with the introduction of SmartSeam. Safety is our priority, and SmartSeam is the result of a concern that was too risky to ignore.