Why does TuffWrap® only use SmartSeam®?

As the interior protection industry grows and evolves, fire marshals, safety personnel, and insurance companies continue to express concerns about suspended cover impeding the fire sprinkler systems. Traditional methods of protection have these inherent dangers:

Method #1: Installing standard suspended cover below the sprinklers

  • Cover impairs system’s functionality and delays its response to the fire.
  • Cover prevents water from reaching the fire.

Method #2: Installing standard suspended cover above the sprinklers

  • Working so close to the roof deck generally involves a significant number of obstructions, weakening the containment system and causing the installation to be more complicated and costly.
  • Working around the sprinklers could result in accidental discharge of the system.
  • Cover could fall or melt onto the sprinkler heads during a fire.
  • Sprinkler system could be impaired.

That is why TuffWrap developed, and only uses, SmartSeam for suspended cover projects.

SmartSeam is:

  • Effective in protecting against dust and debris during re-roofing.
  • Anti-microbial, anti-static and flame retardant.
  • UL listed and classified to UL 723s.

How does SmartSeam work?
What makes SmartSeam special is its heat-reactive seam, an advanced technology engineered by TuffWrap. When the seam is activated by the heat of a fire, the SmartSeam breaks away allowing the suspended cover panels to open, permitting the sprinklers to function as designed. To make absolutely certain that this would be safe, we pursued independent laboratory testing.  After three years, close to one thousand tests, and extensive research and development, SmartSeam is now the only UL-classified interior protection solution for installation beneath sprinkler systems.

See the UL test video here.