Dust and debris is no match for the TuffWrap® team. 

When it comes to containing grit and grime during commercial/industrial construction projects, our experts are on your side. Whether you are reroofing or renovating a facility, protecting your assets is our number one priority.

Fully sealed custom solutions keep the grit out and your project on schedule.

Our in-house Safety Manager and PA State Certified Safety Committee help keep safety first on every job.  

An OSHA trained and lift certified team of installers make sure the job gets done safely and effectively.

Our antistatic, antimicrobial and flame resistant products not only keep the job site clean but meet your facility requirements. Learn more in our case studies.

What are your construction project challenges?

-A schedule or daily operations that cannot be disrupted
-Safety of daily operations could be impacted by the migration of construction dust and debris
-A facility where products or critical machinery could be compromised and result in product recalls
-A public space that needs to maintain a clean and professional appearance
-The facility has valuable assets that cannot be moved
-Tenants who cannot relocate or have their operations disrupted
-People occupy the building and need to be protected

If you are facing these problems, we have solutions.

TuffWrap’s Solutions Include:

TuffWrap Suspended CoverTuffWrap C.O.R.E. Frameless Walls TuffWrap Tunnels and Total EnclosuresTuffWrap Hybrid Walls