Interior protection, (or dust and debris containment), is key for keeping a construction zone safe from contamination hazards. Examples of benefits are:

  • Protection of products for quality assurance
  • Maintaining a clean and professional work environment
  • Avoiding contamination of all aspects of the facility

Based on the workspace, crew, and type of project, our interior protection services include:

Temporary Construction Walls

Our most popular temporary wall solution, C.O.R.E. Frameless Walls®, are commonly installed to shield one area from another while renovations are taking place. These construction barriers are unique in that they are installed from floor to the roof deck, are fully sealed, and do not require additional support structure at the base. This makes them a popular solution for all types of projects in a variety of facilities.

These temporary walls have been used for:

  • Food processing/manufacturing renovations and retrofits
  • Aerospace facility construction and expansions
  • Manufacturing equipment maintenance projects
  • Warehouse expansions
  • Tenant improvements

Temporary Ceilings

SmartSeam® Suspended Cover is our main solution for preventing falling debris during reroofing projects. It is hung from the joists and fully sealed around all penetrations. Not only does it protect the interior of the facility it is also Classified to UL 723S for installation below sprinkler systems and meets NFPA 13.  

Total Enclosure Temporary Wall Systems

Our Tunnels and Total Enclosures are a combination of our suspended cover and walls which completely seal one section of a building from the rest. Often, this solution is described as creating a room within a room.  Sometimes an area of the ceiling is unreachable and putting a “lid” on the walls avoids additional costly work.

Total enclosures have been used to:

  • Prevent dust migration into or out of a specific area in a room
  • Create walkways/pathways to avoid interference/access to the construction project
  • Isolate concrete cutting/flooring replacements
  • Isolate equipment for maintenance or upgrades


For more information about TuffWrap’s Interior Protection solutions, please visit our Solutions Page or Contact Us directly at 800.995.4456.