Construction Safety Tips | How to be Safe at a Construction Site

Construction Safety Tips

January 31st, 2013 General

Construction can be a hazardous task, especially if preventative safety measures aren’t taken. Falls, collapses, and electrical shock are just some of the hazards that put construction workers at risk, whether they are working on an interior or exterior project. In order to avoid such injuries, safety on a construction site is a must. Below are a few tips to avoid accident or injury during a construction project.

Scaffolding: If not erected properly or misused by construction workers, scaffolding can become very dangerous. To ensure stable scaffolding, make sure it is set up on solid ground. Scaffolding should be able to hold up to four times its own weight, and safely accessible to workers by ladders or stairwells. It must also be at least 10 feet from electrical power lines. Before being used, scaffolding should be inspected for optimum safety.

Ladders: It is important to use the proper ladder for the right task, both with interior and exterior construction projects. Inspect the ladder before use for any damage, including bent rails, missing parts, or dirt that may cause someone to slip. Never over load a ladder with more than the recommended weight, and ensure that metal ladders are kept away from electrical power lines.

Stairways: Much like ladders, stairways should be kept clear of dirt and debris to avoid trips and falls. Cover stairs with treads to avoid a slippery surface is always a good idea for interior or exterior construction. Ensure that stairs with four or more risers have a handrail for added safety and protection.

Personal Protective Equipment: Prevention is the best protection when it comes to construction safety. Head protection should be worn at all times by construction workers to avoid head trauma. Other protective gear, like slip-resistant boots, heavy-duty gloves, masks or goggles should also be worn to stay safe when working on a construction site.

Space Protection: Protecting interior spaces from the dust and debris created by construction is vital in maintaining the safety of an area. Wrapping the area with any of the TuffWrap products will contain the dust and debris from construction, and prevent damage to the property or the health of construction personnel.

Follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of the space and workers while working on a construction site.

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