TuffWrap Installations, Inc. is an innovative dust and debris containment company providing interior protection solutions to a variety of industries undergoing construction projects. Protecting our clients, their products, and their brand from dust and debris is our priority.

about-01Since 1999, TuffWrap Installations has been transforming the dust and debris containment industry with its market-leading interior protection solutions. Leading our organization is President and Owner, David Campbell, whose ingenuity shaped the creation of our signature Suspended Cover. When dust and debris contaminated a facility during a reroofing project, Campbell, and his then small team, engineered this creative solution for the facility. After installing the Suspended Cover proved to be successful, other key markets quickly became intrigued and were eager to install this innovative solution during their reroofing projects.

Upon the completion of several installations over the next six years, the TuffWrap corporation formed, and our polyethylene had evolved into a reinforced product, which provided the whole system more strength. Soon after these enhancements were made, we secured the first of our many Fortune 500 clients, a large, multi-billion dollar food company in Hershey, PA.

Since that time, we have continued to lead the industry by inventing new products and services that not only contain debris, but also solve other issues that arise during construction projects.