SmartSeam FM Approved

Discover the next generation of SmartSeam® suspended cover. SmartSeam®, the first fully code-compliant suspended cover, has been redesigned to comply with both FM 4652 and IBC’s requirements.

In August 2022, SmartSeam® attained FM 4652 Approval providing roofing contractors additional assurance against liability from dust and debris contamination below the sprinklers.

TuffWrap® Installations SmartSeam has been proven to meet rigorous loss prevention standards of quality, technical integrity, and performance as certified by FM Approvals, an independent testing arm of the international insurance carrier, FM Global. Products that pass get the “FM APPROVED” mark.

Guard against liability by using the only product independently audited and certified by IAPMO to meet the EC 043-2020 document which is based on the six areas of code compliance detailed in the International Building Code while providing temporary dust and debris containment below sprinklers.

Don’t be fooled. Other products can only meet one or two of the IBC’s demanding requirements. Why put yourself at risk by using untested products or solutions? TuffWrap is the leader for a reason and we take our reputation seriously. 

That is why TuffWrap developed and only uses, SmartSeam for suspended cover projects.

Watch a brief video on how SmartSeam provides surface protection during re-roofing projects.

SmartSeam, the smart choice for protecting people, products and property from falling dust and debris.


About SmartSeam:

Code Compliant

Re-engineered and tested to the highest standards, SmartSeam® is compliant with the International Fire and Building Code Standards, UL 723S and NFPA 13.

Protective Dust Cap

The only suspended cover solution with a protective dust cap over the heat reactive seam that provides extra dust and debris protection.

Heat Reactive Seam

A custom fusible seam has a lower melting point than other materials around it allowing the 6′ x 5′ panels to quickly open in case of fire permitting the sprinklers to activate as intended.

Strong 4-Ply Material

The four-layer polyethylene material is 6 mil thick and designed to provide the most puncture resistant and highest tear strength of any suspended cover available.

Innovative Scrim Design

If an accidental puncture occurs, the diagonal and perpendicular scrim orientation resists tearing and continues to provide protection.


Additives helps mitigate electrostatic discharges (ESD) thereby providing protection from combustible dust for data centers, clean rooms, electronics, grain elevators, battery manufacturing, and more.


Protects against mold, mildew, and bacterial growth which is critically important for the food and beverage, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries.

Flame Resistant

SmartSeam’s innovative composition is tested and classified to reduce flame and smoke spread for temporary suspended ceilings. Approved for installation below sprinkler systems.

How does SmartSeam work?

Learn how SmartSeam passed the UL 723S test, why it meets NFPA 13 and is safe to install beneath sprinkler systems with this video or keep reading below.

What makes SmartSeam special is its heat-reactive seam, an advanced technology engineered by TuffWrap. When the seam is activated by the heat of a fire, the suspended cover panels open, permitting the sprinklers to function as designed.

After three years, close to one thousand tests, and extensive research and development, SmartSeam is Classified by UL to 723S for installation beneath sprinkler systems.  

Understanding the details. Having a product that is Classified by UL to 723S and therefore meets NFPA 13 is an important process that we as interior protection providers take very seriously. Here’s what you need to know:

Research and Development: SmartSeam is a proprietary product invented by an in-house team at TuffWrap. Not only is the seam critical to its functionality, the configuration of the panels and how it is installed are important as well. Every aspect of the final solution was taken into consideration in order for it to work properly.

Manufacturing process: SmartSeam is made in the USA. It is TuffWrap’s own invention and therefore we also designed and built equipment specifically to become the manufacturer of this product. Our machinery is “one of a kind” and not currently available for use anywhere else. 

Meeting the standards: To meet NFPA 13, the suspended cover product has to be Classified to UL 723S for drop ceilings. For temporary containment, that used to be the only standard and test that qualified, but now, SmartSeam is International Building Code and International Fire Code compliant!

UL Certifications Information


Polyethylene film used as a stretch ceiling system, identified as TuffWrap® with SmartSeam.

Flame spread 0*
Smoke developed 75 – 100*
* May be used beneath sprinklers in accordance with application instructions supplied with product, subject to the authorities having jurisdiction.

Reprinted from the Online Certifications Directory with permission from UL.  © 2022 UL LLC

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SmartSeam is the ONLY Code Compliant Suspended Cover Solution:

Watch how SmartSeam temporary suspended cover solutions comply with the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Fire Code (IFC)


After even more testing and development, SmartSeam was reviewed by IAPMO, an independent, accredited certification body for code compliance.

What does it take for a product to be compliant with code? Having a product that is International Building and Fire Code compliant is an even more rigorous  process than meeting Underwriter Laboratories approval of UL723S. Code compliance has 3 requirements: 

  1. A Recognized Standard: A team from TuffWrap worked with engineers from IAPMO to help identify requirements, develop a consensus document to outline the requirements and, assisted with identifying the specific testing that complied with the appropriate sections of code. 
  2. Impartial Testing: SmartSeam had to be independently tested by IAPMO and pass numerous requirements pertaining to flame and smoke performance, stability and structural performance.
  3. Scheduled and Continuous Manufacturing Quality Audits: SmartSeam is Made in USA. It was invented by TuffWrap and SmartSeam is exclusively manufactured by TuffWrap.  Our manufacturing facility, located in Pennsylvania, is inspected and audited for quality assurance throughout the year.

What does a code compliant solution mean for you? Using a product that complies with the IBC and IFC ensures that your local fire marshal, building officials, AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) and contractor can be sure that the product is right for the job.  It assures you that SmartSeam is a code compliant installation that you and your team can rely on for protecting people, products and property. View the IAPMO Evaluation Report for SmartSeam.

Want to learn more about specific applications for SmartSeam? 

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