TuffWrap Offers Wall With Custom Filtration System to Maintain Air Pressure Stability

Case Study 5:

TuffWrap Offers Wall With Custom Filtration System to Maintain Air Pressure Stability

Project Overview: TuffWrap Installations, Inc. provided custom filtration panels which were sewn into the temporary partition that divided the construction zone from the work area during this project. This resolved all air pressure concerns.

Before construction began.Client: Confidential

Regional Sales Manager: Tim Smith

Project Manager: Charlie Ringhoff

Project Size: 680 lf of walls

Duration: 3 months

The Challenge

The back wall depicts TuffWrap’s C.O.R.E. Frameless Wall with the custom filtration paneling. In June 2014, a large aluminum can and container manufacturer in Texas requested interior protection assistance from TuffWrap Installations. The client was expanding their can storage warehouse which was located next to their production room. To complete the addition, the client demolished half of the warehouse while the other half was maintained for storing finished products.

The unique challenge in the can storage warehouse was air pressure. TuffWrap was tasked with delivering a solution that contained dust and debris, but also managed fluctuating air pressure. Without a solution that could do both, the TuffWrap would not function properly, and the client’s products would be endangered.

The Solution

TuffWrap’s C.O.R.E. Frameless Wall separates construction from production.TuffWrap installed a 40 foot high C.O.R.E. Frameless Wall to separate the construction zone from the work area. To balance air pressure in the can storage warehouse, TuffWrap built its custom filtration system into the wall, which allowed air to pass through. This preserved the C.O.R.E. Frameless Wall’s signature rigidity. In addition, TuffWrap supplied a sealed entryway, which allowed equipment to maneuver products from the manufacturing area to the can storage room. Both solutions offered protection from construction dust, air pressure stability, and access to existing products and equipment.

Why TuffWrap

TuffWrap’s clients are always concerned about protecting their products because they do not want to hinder customer welfare. This client, a major container company, is a supplier to large beverage companies.  Their concern was to not only protect their clients, but also their clients’ customers.

Aside from the ability to protect products and keep customers safe, the client also chose to call TuffWrap directly due to a successful project that required interior protection earlier in the year at one of their other locations. Following the success of that project, which established trust and a relationship with Tim Smith, TuffWrap’s South Central Regional Sales Manager, the client felt no need to request quotes from any other contractor for this project.


Filtration is an option that TuffWrap provides to facilities that want to maintain proper air pressure during construction, while also benefiting from TuffWrap’s dust and debris containment solutions. The option offers containment and air pressure consistency during construction so that no company is forced to shut down production, losing profitability and threatening their brand. When challenged with unusual problems, TuffWrap’s ingenuity is the reason that so many clients prefer to employ TuffWrap Installations over any other interior protection provider. Call TuffWrap today to learn how your unique project can be properly executed and protected with one of our many solutions.

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