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Case Study 1:

TuffWrap® Helps Protect Manufacturing Facility Using SmartSeam®

Project Overview: TuffWrap Installations, Inc. helped a confidential client avoid dust and debris contamination during a reroofing project by installing its newest product, SmartSeam, which is Classified by UL to 723S.

Client: ConfidentialSmartSeam Installation Case Study

Regional Sales Manager: George Coon

Project Manager: Larry Kemp

Project Size: Over 150,000 sq. ft.

Duration: 9 months

The Challenge

In September 2013, TuffWrap Installations, Inc. was recruited by a roof consultant to bid on a roof replacement project that required over 150,000 sq. ft. of dust and debris containment. The Fortune 500 company required protection over their beverage production, warehouse, and maintenance shop areas. On a prior roof project for this company in 2012, TuffWrap had installed its traditional flame resistant Suspended Cover below the sprinkler system. Because this caused temporary impedance to the sprinklers, the client had devised a plan to monitor the temporary impedance; however, the fire marshal found that even this was unsuitable, due to the nature of the products below. Therefore, when TuffWrap’s help was requested in 2013, a dust and debris containment solution that did not impede the sprinklers was necessary.

The Solution

SmartSeam has clearly captured debris, protecting the equipment below it.When the food and beverage client requested a fire-safe solution for its project, testing for SmartSeam® was proving successful. SmartSeam combines antistatic, antimicrobial, and flame resistant properties with a heat-reactive seam that opens in case of fire to allow sprinklers to activate as intended. SmartSeam had just been released into the marketplace as a viable dust and debris containment solution, so TuffWrap presented it to the client, local township fire personnel, and the roof consultant.

The signature SmartSeam seam is displayed.A video from Underwriter Laboratories showcased SmartSeam’s ability to break away during a fire. Compared to traditional protection, SmartSeam proved to be a solution that permits proper sprinkler function in a timely manner, without the need to create plans for temporary sprinkler impedance. This convinced the roof consultant and township fire personnel that SmartSeam was the only product that could keep its client’s products, equipment, and employees safe.

Why TuffWrap

TuffWrap® encountered competition when bidding this job, but was ultimately awarded the project because SmartSeam® is a safe, proprietary product that offered the needed solution. Additionally, TuffWrap has an established safety program that enforces strict policies to ensure safe work practices at all times, and this client has always considered safety a priority when choosing contractors and subcontractors. While on site, TuffWrap installers completed regular safety reports to reassure its client that proper procedures were being followed. TuffWrap’s safety program, positive company reputation, and SmartSeam product are the reasons that this client chose TuffWrap as its interior protection provider.


Upon the SmartSeam installation, this Fortune 500 client provided overwhelmingly positive feedback, reporting that they fully trusted its strength and felt safe knowing they had a UL-classified product. Additionally, they stated that the SmartSeam solution saved them from significant difficulty, as it was a fraction of the cost compared to the conceivable millions of dollars that safety hazards could cause due to damaged products, contaminations, recalls, injuries, and even deaths. Installed in November 2013, SmartSeam protected this client until the project’s completion in August 2014.

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