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Dust Prevention Tips & Tricks

Dust is an unavoidable problem no matter where you go. In the home, at work, and even in public settings like stores and gyms, dust is everywhere. The first line of defense against dust is prevention. Discover tools that have been proven to help prevent dust in any location, and methods to make removing dust easier.

Cover furniture with allergen-reducing fabrics.

Many types of covers exist that help to prevent allergens from settling on furniture. Purchase home and office furniture that can be easily cleaned or wiped down in order to prevent allergen build up. If your home or office building has curtains, they should be made of easily washable material so that they can be taken down and cleaned when necessary.

Utilize air purifiers throughout your home or office.

These machines are designed to help to trap dust before it settles on a room’s surface. Air purifiers should be placed in high traffic areas or commonly used rooms in a business or home. Monitor the humidity level of the building to help reduce the production of static, which attracts dust particles and makes it harder to remove from surfaces.

Remove dust from tight spaces with a specialty air duster.

When dust settles in electronic devices, it can cause major damage to the machine. These cans of compressed air allow you to remove dust from hard-to-reach areas like keyboards, computer towers, and machines.

Avoid crowding spaces.

When it comes to clutter, it should be avoided at all costs! Spaces that become cluttered with items can gather dust more easily and more frequently. Avoid excess items out on counter and desk tops, as well as piling things on floors. Keeping areas clear of clutter will make maintaining cleanliness and ridding areas of dust easier in the long run.

Remove dust from flooring with a vacuum.

A necessity for any home or business, a vacuum can do wonders when it comes to dealing with dust. H.E.P.A (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuums work best to suck up as much dust as possible. Change the filter on the vacuum frequently to ensure that it is working to the best of its ability.

When dusting, wipe with microfiber cloths.

Other cleaning materials can push dust around without ever removing it from a surface. Microfiber fabric was designed for dusting and is made to trap dust and prevent it from flying about as cleaning occurs. These cloths work perfectly for dusting or cleaning walls, which should be done at least once a month, working from the top down.

Utilize these dust preventing tips to prevent dust from becoming a problem, and make managing existing dust easier. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us by phone or by our online contact form.