Become a Construction Superhero

While we are on the road this year visiting customers and attending trade shows, the TuffWrap® team is asking – Which superhero are you?

Whether your job is to plan, manage or execute a construction project, when it comes to mitigating the effects of dust and debris, everyone has the opportunity to be a hero.  Fully sealed temporary barriers, such as C.O.R.E. Frameless Walls® or SmartSeam® Suspended Cover can prevent the migration of all types of contaminants. By having TuffWrap® professionally install an interior protection solution, you can be the one to ensure the facility stays functional, clean and safe throughout your project duration.   

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Which superhero are you?


You are out there every day making projects happen.  You excel at your trade and you know how to meet your clients’ requirements.  Your goal is to complete every project successfully.  By using interior protection, you can achieve that goal and keep your customers’ facilities clean and safe. Thanks to your forethought, planning and execution, you will be your customers’ hero and their new Captain of Construction.

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As the planner and designer, you are aware of the challenges that the project team and their clients may face when it comes to dust and debris.  You have the opportunity to minimize those concerns up front and specify a containment solution that will help to avoid project problems.  You’ll reach superhero status in no time and be your customer’s Design Mastermind.

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You understand all the facets of a construction project and oversee the details to make sure all goes as expected.  Working with subcontractors is your specialty and your clients rely on your recommendations.  Including interior protection in your project plan is an option that can help avoid potential issues and will solidify your hero status as the Managing Marvel.

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Your products, property and people mean everything to you and your business.  Your number one priority is protecting all of these assets during construction.  Choosing to have interior protection professionally installed will help to prevent damage and allow your daily operations to continue.  And, keeping your facility safe and functioning throughout the project will make you a Protection Powerhouse.  

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