Engineered Exterior Walls


TuffWrap® EXT – keeps projects on schedule and within budget.

Between seasonal delays and unexpected conditions, outdoor weather is one of the biggest challenges to construction. Leave it outside with TuffWrap EXT®. Our innovative exterior wall solution is designed to extend the construction season and protect crews from harsh weather. 

TuffWrap EXT:

Creates an interior work environment for crews.

Can withstand sustained winds of 30mph and gusts of up to 45mph.

Heavy-duty zipper doors are available to allow access for crews and vehicles.

Attached with custom mounting brackets developed by TuffWrap.

No more construction project delays due to seasonality or bad weather. TuffWrap® EXT is a 7-ply, double scrim reinforced, polyethylene material that can be used for exterior enclosures without the need for scaffolding.  The resilient design and installation process ensures that it holds strong during unexpected conditions and keeps your new construction or expansion project on track. Like other TuffWrap solutions, it has flame-resistant, antistatic, and antimicrobial properties.  Made in the USA.

Choose Exterior Protection for:

  • Temporarily enclosing the exterior of a structure to create an interior work environment.
  • Extending your project’s construction season through to completion.
  • Saving time and money compared to a traditional, stick-built, temporary enclosure.
  • Protecting work crews from the harsh elements of weather.
  • Reducing downtime between the phases of construction with a cost-effective solution.
  • Tailoring an enclosure to your requirements for an engineered protection solution.

Additional Solutions

TuffWrap understands that some projects can be more challenging than others. That’s why we offer a variety of interior protection solutions, including reinforced interior walls called C.O.R.E. Hybrid Walls. These walls are cost-effective and durable, and can be reinforced with custom metal braces or environmentally-friendly TuffPanel.