Interior Walls

Dust and debris containment is no small task. Fortunately, TuffWrap’s seen it all, and we never turn down a challenge. Whatever problem you’re facing on your job site, we have a solution that fits. Take a look:

These frameless plastic walls separate a facility’s operational floor from the construction site.

Hybrid Walls offer dust and debris protection in areas where rigidity is essential.

Further strengthen hybrid walls with plywood to get 8' tall, industrial strength dust protection.

For dust protection during re-roofing, code-compliant SmartSeam is suspended from the ceiling.

A combination of our temporary walls and suspended cover creates a totally-enclosed workspace, to prevent the most aggressive contamination.

When construction projects or years without attention leave high surfaces collecting dust, HSDR may be the solution.

Move crew and vehicles in and out the worksite efficiently by adding doors to a temporary wall. From versatile zipper doors to sliding pocket doors, we've got the solution you need.

TuffWrap designs all of its solutions in-house, and never stops innovating on a solution. The result is not only newer solutions, but incredible improvements made to our standard dust walls. Two of our most innovative products are SmartSeam® Suspended Cover and C.O.R.E. Frameless Walls. Learn more about them down below!

  • SmartSeam

  • Code compliant
  • Opens up in the event of a fire
  • Enhanced by panelized construction and borders
  • Designed and manufactured by TuffWrap
  • C.O.R.E. Walls

  • Require no structural support
  • Various door options available
  • Cost effective
  • The basis for hybrid and industrial walls