High Structure Dust Removal

Worried about falling debris ruining a successful job? In some cases, High Structure Dust Removal (HSDR) may be the option to consider. Dust removal services are most commonly used in conjunction with Suspended Cover during takedown when any project-related dust and debris needs to be removed from high, horizontal surfaces.

Dust and debris caused by a recent roofing project can settle onto exposed steel beams or closed drop ceilings. Over time, that dust may begin to circulate inside the facility because of air flow, causing additional problems.

TuffWrap’s HSDR is:

The removal of loose debris by blowing or vacuuming it off horizontal surfaces.

Performed during the takedown of SmartSeam® Suspended Cover solutions.

An option in facilities where there are concerns about falling dust post-project.

Performed by trained TuffWrap employees on the reachable horizontal surfaces of the area.

TuffWrap offers two solutions for high structure dust removal. Our standard solution involves blowing dust off of reachable horizontal surfaces during takedown of our suspended cover. For jobs that require more extensive dust removal, we also offer HSDR with vacuum cleaning, or HSDR-V. Be aware that neither of these solutions are the same as a full-service clean. 

View our Case Study

  • When an airport terminal needed repair after a sudden hail storm, part of the ceiling needed to be replaced without interrupting daily operations. TuffWrap’s Smartseam, combined with High-Structure Dust Removal, was the ideal solution.
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