Construction Doors


The goal of interior protection is to allow facilities to operate during construction or repairs. That’s why TuffWrap offers a variety of customizations to its interior walls to make sure crews, personnel, and vehicles have easy access in and out of the worksite. 

TuffWrap’s Door Customizations are:

Scalable to a multitude of sizes. 

Designed to allow access without hindering protection.

Quick and efficient for crews and vehicles.

Available in different formats to best fit your job.

Access points in temporary dust walls can be as important as the containment of dust and debris, which is why TuffWrap has developed three different door solutions. 

  • Pocket Doors easily slide open and closed, and can accommodate both people and equipment. These doors were designed in-house by TuffWrap to work with our interior frameless walls without hindering dust and debris containment.
  • Zipper Doors can be custom sized for quick solutions. These doors can be scaled up to allow vehicles like lifts and other equipment convenient access to the worksite.

Additional Solutions

TuffWrap understands that some projects can be more challenging than others. That’s why we offer combinations of our interior protection solutions, like our total enclosures. Making use of TuffWrap’s innovative SmartSeam® suspended cover and our C.O.R.E. Frameless Walls®, we can help keep the entire facility free of harmful dust and debris.