TuffWrap EXT

Extend the construction season and reduce weather downtime with TuffWrap EXT!

No more construction project delays due to seasonality or bad weather. TuffWrap® EXT is a 7-ply, double scrim reinforced, polyethylene material that can be used for exterior enclosures without the need for scaffolding.  The resilient design and installation process ensures that it holds strong during unexpected conditions and keeps your new construction or expansion project on track. Like other dust and debris containment solutions designed and installed by TuffWrap, EXT can be scaled up to fit any job.

Extend Construction Season

Save time and money by reducing downtime between the phases of construction and eliminate weather interruptions.

Protect Work Crews

Protect work crews with a safe interior work environment against the harsh elements of weather with our weather-resistant enclosure.

Weather Resistant

TuffWrap EXT helps extend the season by protecting against the harsh elements, and keeping sites dryer, warmer, and safer.

Wind Resistant

The exterior walls can withstand sustained wind of up to 30 miles per hour, and occasional gusts of up to 45 miles per hour.

Custom Fit

Covering large openings and spans, we can tailor an enclosure to your requirements for an engineered protection solution.

Strong 7-Ply Material

The seven-layer polyethylene material is designed to provide puncture resistance and high tear strength for an exterior wall.

Innovative Scrim Design

If an accidental puncture occurs, the diagonal and perpendicular scrim orientation resists tearing and continues to provide protection.

Flame Retardant

TuffWrap EXT’s innovative composition is designed to reduce flame and smoke spread for temporary exterior walls.

Choose TuffWrap EXT for:

  • Temporarily enclosing the exterior of a structure to create an indoor work environment.
  • Protecting work crews from the harsh elements of weather.
  • Extending your project’s construction season through to completion.
  • Reducing downtime between the phases of construction with a lower cost solution.

Protect Crews and Extend Construction Seasons

TuffWrap EXT’s most beneficial effect is extending the construction season and reducing downtime due to weather. It can withstand steady wind of up to 30 miles per hour, and brief gusts up to 45 miles per hour. Custom mounting hardware, designed and manufactured by TuffWrap, allows EXT to be installed almost anywhere, even for projects above 50 feet in height. 

EXT vs. other “solutions”

Tarps, plywood walls, and shrink wrap are all common ways to keep seasonal weather out, but only one solution offers superior protection with none of the drawbacks. 

TuffWrap EXT



Shrink Wrap

Flame Retardant


Tear Protection

 7-ply material, couple scrim reinforced polyethylene

Limited tear protection

Rigid wood breaks, doesn't tear

Offers no tear protection, becomes brittle

Wind Load

Up to occasional
45 mph gusts

Subject to ballooning and flyaway

Rigid wood breaks, doesn't tear

Subject to ballooning and flyaway


Custom installed by TuffWrap professionals

Complicated install, risk of frequent re-install

Significant expense to install

Requires special equipment and permits to install

Project Size

Capable of protecting entire project up to and beyond 50’ in height

Limited by available scaffolding

Limited by available scaffolding

Limited by available scaffolding