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TuffWrap® Installations’ COVID-19 Update

April 21st, 2020

As we all navigate this difficult time, we wanted to stay in communication and share information on the current status of TuffWrap’s working situation.

The TuffWrap® team is still working in places where we can be of help while staying safe.  Any states that consider construction to be essential work and we have customers needing our assistance, we are currently installing temporary barriers.  In addition, maintaining the food and beverage supply chain is critical and we are making ourselves available to those customers whenever possible.

Like many of you, construction is only a part of our current focus.  A crisis calls for creativity and we’re seeing an incredible amount of creativity in how our customers are addressing their challenges and helping others.  As resources become limited and standard options are no longer available – everyone is having to look for alternative answers. 

We have seen the role of our walls and total enclosures change.  They are now being considered and used for:

  • Aiding with social distancing inside operating facilities – Learn more here.
  • Creating temporary areas in manufacturing for the production of non-standard items
  • Segregating facilities to create provisional “rooms”

The challenges our customers have brought to us year over year have helped to define how the TuffWrap products and services have evolved.   It is no different with the current crisis.  Our team is ready and willing to help find creative and effective solutions for today’s critical problems.

Find TuffWrap’s COVID-19 guidelines here.