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TuffWrap® 2018 Annual Meeting Focuses on Safety and Customer Service

February 5th, 2018

TuffWrap Interior Protection ExpertsOn January 30th, the entire TuffWrap team met at headquarters in Harleysville, PA to review the results of 2017 and address the plans for 2018. This annual event is an opportunity for every department to come together, celebrate successes and discuss how to continue to be the best in the interior protection industry.

The meeting kicked off with a welcome by TuffWrap’s President, Dave Campbell, who thanked our installers for their ongoing commitment to getting the job done. Jeff Bennett, General Manager, covered the highlights of 2017 including new products and safety improvements.

Safety was the focus of the day led by TuffWrap’s Safety Manager, Jim Conte, who reviewed the safety statistics for 2017. The year over year improvement in overall company safety has been exceptional and reflects the team’s investment in the changes that have taken place.

TuffWrap Interior ProtectionTuffWrap also welcomed guest speaker, Vanessa Norfleet of the CSM Group, who discussed “Ladders, Lifts and Scaffold At-Risk Behavior and Use.” Norfleet introduced a few lift options that could help the TuffWrap team be more productive in a safe manner during the installation and takedown process. She also spoke on the value of safety and why it is important to “stay awake” and carefully think through decisions made on the job.

Anthony Catoia, Director of Sales and Marketing, discussed the value of customer service. He emphasized the need to make the customer experience “great” and that all members of the TuffWrap team have an opportunity to contribute to making that happen.

TuffWrap Following the morning meeting, the group had lunch and a chance to socialize. The afternoon was spent in safety training, small group meetings and handling any outstanding business items.  TuffWrap also welcomed James Sheridan, who covered the installation team on fall protection.

Special thanks to the guest speakers and everyone who took the time to make the meeting productive and successful. Here’s to a good start to a great year!