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SmartSeam® Live Demonstration

March 15th, 2016

On March 1, TuffWrap® Installations held its first SmartSeam Live Demonstration in Arlington, TX. Invited by the Arlington Fire Department Prevention Office, the TuffWrap® team led an afternoon educational session about the product including a hands-on experience.

Tim Smith, Regional Sales Manager – South Central, presented to a group of fire professionals from Arlington and surrounding jurisdictions. He introduced the Interior Protection industry and discussed why suspended cover is installed during reroofing. He also gave an overview of how SmartSeam reduces risks by allowing fire sprinkler systems to function as designed.

Following the presentation, the attendees were able to examine pieces of the SmartSeam material. The TuffWrap team used lighters to show how the seam reacts to heat. Then, the highlight of the session was seeing the SmartSeam in action versus the regular poly material that is often used for suspended cover.

SmartSeam Demo

A fire was lit below both products which caused the SmartSeam to open up almost immediately while the regular poly stayed closed and slowly begin to melt through. This demonstration was strictly for visual purposes, however, it quickly showed the potential advantage of using SmartSeam when fire sprinklers are present.

Fire Trailer SmartSeam DemoAt the end of the day, there was an opportunity for Q&A with TuffWrap leadership. Discussion was held about how fire professionals can help to educate facilities regarding the options available to avoid fire sprinkler impairment while using interior protection.


TuffWrap would like thank the Arlington Fire Department for the opportunity as well as everyone who helped to make the day a success.

If you are interested in learning more about TuffWrap’s SmartSeam suspended cover product, click here or contact us directly.