Avoid Do-Overs - SmartSeam Ad #2 - TuffWrap Installations

Avoid Do-Overs – SmartSeam Ad #2

May 16th, 2016

TuffWrap is talking about saving money in our second SmartSeam® ad found in the March/April issue of Western Roofing and the March issue of interfaceMany times, we have had customers come to us for SmartSeam after they have already installed regular suspended cover for a reroofing project. 

SmartSeam Ad 2

Why is that?  Because a fire marshal or other regulatory entity has asked them to take down the containment that is impeding the fire sprinkler system.  This problem ends up costing the customer twice as much as they planned for interior protection because they have to pay for two installations instead of one.

TuffWrap can help!  Not only is SmartSeam Classified by UL to 723S, it also meets NFPA 13.

Learn more here.

And, watch for the next ad in the series in upcoming editions of both magazines.  

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