TuffWrap® Regional Sales Manager Begins New Ministry

TuffWrap® RSM Begins New Ministry

August 14th, 2017

This summer, the TuffWrap team has said good-bye to one of our key members. George Coon, long time Regional Sales Manager, and his family are headed off on an exciting adventure. Tomorrow, they will fly to South Africa, where they will establish their new home.

For quite a while, George’s goal was to return to ministry where his career originally started and begin working in mission alongside his family. After two years of planning and overcoming a few challenges along the way, they will be accomplishing that goal.

To learn more about the Coon Family and their journey, you can visit their website here:

Coon Family To South Africa WebsiteTuffWrap Regional Sales Manager

All of us here at TuffWrap wish George and his family safe travels and all the best with their new life in South Africa.