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TuffWrap® Announces New Campaign – “Give Us Your Grit”

February 20th, 2020

2020 brings a change to TuffWrap’s Interior Protection story.  This year, we’re excited to invite our customers to “Give Us Your Grit” by allowing the TuffWrap team protect your construction sites from the migration and infiltration of dust and debris.

Dirt and grime that is created during reroofing, renovations and expansions can have significant impacts on the safety, cleanliness and success of the overall project.  It takes grit to combat those impacts and install a solution that is effective.  Our team is not only gritty but experts at dealing with grit.  This combination of experience and commitment sets the tone for a new decade of leadership and growth in the Interior Protection industry.

Each member of the TuffWrap Sales and Marketing team will be on the road this year, dropping off bags, shirts and connecting with customers across the country.  In addition, our Grit message will be shared at trade shows and online.

We look forward to visiting with everyone again this year and finding ways to work together to get grit done!

TuffWrap Installations We Get Grit DoneWe Get Grit Done!  Learn more here.

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