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TuffWrap Offers Dust and Debris Containment Educational Program

September 16th, 2019

With almost 20 years of experience designing and installing dust and debris containment in facilities across the United States, the TuffWrap┬« team is ready to share our knowledge and experience to help positively impact your construction projects.  We are happy to offer your organization an educational presentation about interior protection solutions and how they can best serve your project needs.

Topics covered include the functionality and benefits of:

  • Temporary walls for renovations, reroofing and expansion projects
  • Total enclosures to keep the dust in or out
  • Suspended cover during reroofing projects including SmartSeam┬«, which is Classified by UL to 723S for installation below fire sprinklers and meets NPFA 13.

In addition, we discuss the best applications for interior protection and how temporary barriers can increase project safety and success by:

  • Preventing product contamination and recalls in industrial facilities during retrofits or renovations.
  • Maintaining a professional appearance in commercial and retail settings.
  • Containing contaminates during flooring projects, drain replacements, scarifying and grinding projects.
  • Protecting employees in all types of work environments.

This program is customizable and can be delivered in a small meeting environment or during a lunch and learn or similar event. 

If your organization would benefit from an overview of how temporary containment solutions can prevent dust migration during renovation, reroofing or expansion projects, please contact our Marketing Manager, Dana Whedon at dwhedon@tuffwrap.com.