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TuffWrap® Announces 2019 Campaign Kick Off

April 10th, 2019

TuffWrap Sales and Marketing is once again hitting the road this month to kick off our campaign to connect with customers.  Last year, the “Here to Save the Day Against Dust & Debris” messaging invited customers to utilize TuffWrap’s interior protection superpowers to protect facilities during construction and fight the enemies known as dust and debris. 

This year, we are excited to announce our new theme that has evolved out of the idea that interior protection superpowers positively impact all types of construction projects.  Customers are now invited to “Suit Up With TuffWrap!” and determine what type of superhero they can be to help ensure project success. 

Want to find out which hero you are?   Suit up HERE! 

The team heads to Denver on April 22nd to visit customers and share the benefits of becoming an interior protection superhero.  The full schedule for 2019 will be announced on social media as each trip approaches.

In addition to the customer visits, the theme has also been extended to the trade show exhibit.  In March, the new TuffWrap booth was revealed at the RCI International Convention and Trade Show.  Customers were given the opportunity to take pictures with the superhero of their choice. 

The team looks forward to visiting customers and finding ways to help with renovation and reroofing challenges. 

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