The 2017 Trade Show Tour | TuffWrap Installations

The 2017 Trade Show Tour

May 8th, 2017

CURT 2017It is proving to be another busy year for the TuffWrap® Sales and Marketing team. Since January 1st, we’ve exhibited at 6 different trade shows covering a wide range of construction-related topics. We have continued our focus on educating construction leadership about the benefits of using professionally installed interior protection.

Dust and debris containment is a familiar requirement for our customers in the food and beverage industry during their construction projects. We had the opportunity to touch base with long time contacts and make new connections at both the Northwest Food and Beverage World in Portland, OR as well as the Food Automation & Manufacturing Conference in Naples, FL. In both cases, we were pleased to discover that our industry continues to make positive impacts in critical processing and manufacturing environments.

The impacts are not limited to food environments however. At the CURT National Conference, construction leadership from a variety of industries comes together annually to discuss their project needs. This year’s conference was another excellent opportunity for us to participate and contribute to those conversations.

Reconnecting with Roofing Consultants is always a priority for our team. This year we’ve been able to touch base at both the RCI International Convention and Trade Show as well as the Chicago Chapter Meeting. Throughout the year, we try to attend local RCI events whenever possible. We appreciate the advocacy that the Roofing Consultants give to our industry. They are an important part of the education process concerning the use of suspended cover during reroofing projects.

As members of ISPE, we understand that the renovation and retrofit needs of the pharmaceutical processing and manufacturing community are a top priority. Our team is always excited to exhibit at ISPE events each year. We enjoyed returning to the Delaware Valley Chapter Symposium this spring and are looking forward to attending the Boston Product Show again this fall.

Look for the TuffWrap team in booth W1 at the ISPE Boston Product Show, October 4th.