2017 Annual Meeting - TuffWrap Installations

2017 Annual Meeting

February 16th, 2017

Annual Meeting 2On February 7th, the entire TuffWrap® team assembled to review the successes of 2016 and make plans for the year ahead. Throughout the day, the focus was on maintaining safety and delivering quality customer service.

The morning session began with a look back at TuffWrap’s history. 2017 marks the 15th anniversary of the company’s incorporation. TuffWrap’s President, David Campbell, shared photos and stories from the early days of the organization.

Safety Annual Meeting

Our Safety Manager, Jim Conte, reviewed the safety statistics for the past year. TuffWrap set the bar high in 2016 with the best results the company has achieved in the past four years. Conte highlighted the areas of progress as well as the specific opportunities for improvement in 2017. He also emphasized that there is nothing more important than ensuring all employees stay safe on the job and are able to go home to their loved ones every day.

Director of Manufacturing, Warehouse & Development, Tom Zickefoose, gave a recap of the behind the scenes work in the shop as well as statistics regarding vehicle use in 2016. TuffWrap employees spend a significant amount of time on the road each year. Therefore, attention to vehicle maintenance and safety is a critical aspect of daily operations. Once again, the team improved upon the prior year’s results.

Anthony Catoia, Director of Sales & Marketing, reviewed the company’s growth in 2016 and the goals for 2017. Catoia reminded the team that every single member of the organization contributes to its success and thanked them for their ongoing commitment. He also emphasized that customer satisfaction and support for the brand are critical aspects of everyone’s jobs and without each employee, TuffWrap would not be the company it is today.

The afternoon included multiple department breakout sessions regarding safety training and planning for the
sales and project management teams.

Special thanks to everyone who made the 2017 Annual Meeting a success!