Warehouse and Distribution

Every year, new automated solutions are brought to the warehouse and distribution industry to meet the needs of consumers. Construction and debris containment, however, is one problem that automation hasn’t been able to solve. Fortunately, TuffWrap offers several innovative solutions to indoor dust and debris containment, and can match the scope and scale of any job. 



Seasonal weather threatens to delay construction on a large new warehouse site.

TuffWrap EXT Walls can extend the construction season and protect against seasonal weather delays.

Sudden storms caused damage to automated beverage warehouse roof.

SmartSeam® suspended cover is professionally installed to protect the warehouse and not impeded automated vehicles.

Expanding warehouse without relocating stored products.

C.O.R.E. walls prevent contamination of existing products while allowing construction to complete on time.

Why TuffWrap? 

  • TuffWrap has come up with a number of innovative solutions to keep warehouse and distribution sites operational during construction, at any scale
  • Each job is tailored to fit the site’s challenges and project duration
  • TuffWrap’s product solutions are also antimicrobial, antistatic, and flame resistant
  • SmartSeam® suspended cover is compliant with the International Fire and Building Codes, and classified to UL 723S for installation below fire sprinklers
  • TuffWrap Installations is the most innovative interior protection company, providing dynamic solutions for any indoor or outdoor project requiring dust and debris containment

View our Case Studies

  • Installing SmartSeam without impeding automated laser-guided vehicles
  • Maintaining air pressure with a custom filtration solution, utilizing C.O.R.E. Hybrid walls

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