From shopping malls to grocery stores, the flow of retail traffic never ceases – least of all for reroofing projects. TuffWrap understands the need to keep retail spaces open and to maintain a clean outward appearance, which is why we offer professional solutions for even the most challenging jobs. 

SmartSeam keeps a hotel lobby protected from construction debris on the upper floors.

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Wall and storefront repairs are needed in heavily trafficked area.

C.O.R.E. Frameless Walls installed to contain dust and maintain outward appearance.

Sudden heavy storms damaged the decorative roof of a shopping mall.

Smartseam® Suspended Cover protects against dust and debris during reroofing.

Construction of a new concrete loading bay risks throwing dust and debris.

Hybrid and Industrial Walls are reinforced, while offering dust and debris protection.

Why TuffWrap? 

  • TuffWrap has worked with businesses in the retail industry for decades to keep storefronts and facilities open during construction.
  • Each job is tailored to fit the site’s challenges and project duration.
  • TuffWrap’s product solutions are also antimicrobial, antistatic, and flame resistant.
  • SmartSeam® suspended cover is compliant with the International Fire and Building Codes, and classified to UL 723S for installation below fire sprinklers.
  • TuffWrap EXT is designed to extent the construction season by defending against wind and weather.
  • TuffWrap Installations is the most innovative interior protection company, providing dynamic solutions for any indoor or outdoor project requiring dust and debris containment.

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  • Using a total enclosure to help with window replacement
  • Assisting with an unexpected airport terminal reroof with SmartSeam®

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