Businesses constantly rely on aerospace technologies to move personnel and products to their destinations in a timely manner. That means the aerospace industry can’t afford lengthy shutdowns due to scheduled construction or sudden storm damages. What’s more, with an industry working with such narrow tolerances, even small amounts of dust and debris indoors can cause major, expensive issues. From indoor suspended cover to protect terminal roofing to total enclosures in engineering facilities with the need for 300-ton-plus vehicles to move in and out, TuffWrap has you covered. 



Sudden storms damaged the roof of an airport terminal.

SmartSeam® suspended cover installed during reroofing.

Wall and storefront repair in heavily trafficked area.

C.O.R.E. Walls installed to contain dust and maintain outward appearance.

Large vehicles needed to move through construction area.

Total enclosure (C.O.R.E. walls and SmartSeam® suspended cover) with custom pocket doors installed.

Why TuffWrap? 

  • TuffWrap has years of experience working within the aerospace industry, with clients ranging from commercial travel to research and development firms 
  • Each job is tailored to fit the site’s challenges and project duration
  • TuffWrap’s product solutions are also antimicrobial, antistatic, and flame resistant
  • SmartSeam® suspended cover is compliant with the International Fire and Building Codes, and classified to UL 723S for installation below fire sprinklers
  • TuffWrap Installations is the most innovative interior protection company, providing dynamic solutions for any indoor or outdoor project requiring dust and debris containment

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  • Creating a custom solution with automatic doors for an aerospace facility
  • Assisting with an unexpected airport terminal reroof

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