When it comes to protection, workers and managers are used to dealing with all sorts of challenges. On an interior site, there’s dust and debris (a specialty of ours, in case you haven’t noticed), as well as matters of lighting, air flow, and structural concerns. Most of those challenges pose little chance of shutting down an indoor work site. 

But what about an exterior site? Issues like wind might be solvable, but there’s no getting around the changing of the seasons, or the reality of sudden weather. Contractors have to worry about keeping their worksite clean and protecting their crews from all sorts of wind and weather, and it’s never a trivial concern. 

Temporary exterior walls, one of TuffWrap’s latest innovations, takes the entire problem out of contractors’ hands. We’ve done the design work to make the most effective solution possible, and we’ll set it up and tear it down for you. 

TuffWrap EXT is used for all of our exterior protection jobs, and it’s been specially designed to extend the construction season and reduce weather downtime.

Choose TuffWrap EXT for:

  • Temporarily enclosing the exterior of a structure to create an indoor work environment.
  • Protecting work crews from the harsh elements of weather.
  • Extending your project’s construction season through to completion.
  • Reducing downtime between the phases of construction with a lower cost solution.