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Case Study 6:

Water Reclamation Plant Window Replacement Requires Inventive Containment Solution

Project Overview: When faced with the critical need to keep recycled water clean during a renovation project, TuffWrap Installations Inc., partnered with a general contractor and proposed a containment solution that exceeded expectations. Carefully installed C.O.R.E. Frameless Walls kept outside debris from entering the reclamation plant even under the worst weather conditions.

Client: FH Paschen

Strategic Account Manager: Gino Alberico

Project Manager: Elvis Huymaier

Project Size: 540 ln. ft. of C.O.R.E. Frameless Walls

Duration: Still Installed

The Challenge

C.O.R.E. Frameless Walls separate the window replacement area. A Pocket DoorTM allows for access through the containment.When a water reclamation plant needed to replace their exterior-facing glass block windows, they could not afford to have dirt and debris contaminate their clean water pools during construction. They came to TuffWrap® with a complicated challenge -Design and install a temporary wall containment solution that could withstand lakefront climatic changes without damaging the plant’s terrazzo floor.

The Solution

C.O.R.E Frameless walls held in place at the floor with a combination solution of sand bags, taping and plywood.TuffWrap’s signature temporary barriers, C.O.R.E. Frameless Walls®, were utilized to separate the windowed walls from the water pools. To avoid a “parachute effect” in windy conditions, the poly had to be completely secured on all sides. By removing the drop ceiling, the installation team was able to tie off the top and sides of the walls effectively.

The overwhelming obstacle was the terrazzo floor. Drilling into it was not an option, so other ideas had to be considered. With creative thinking and meticulous planning, TuffWrap was able to use a combination of plywood, our proprietary taping methods and sandbags to secure the bottom of the walls in place. Conduit was also used, as needed, to supply additional support structure.

Even with bad weather, including a recorded tornado in the area, the C.O.R.E. Frameless Walls held up under pressure. No repairs were required, which meant that the general contractor could continue the window replacements without schedule impacts or any type of contamination concerns.

Why TuffWrap

Under normal circumstances, TuffWrap doesn’t offer exterior containment. However, experience with unique installation situations and innovative design expertise made TuffWrap the perfect provider for this job.

Having a solid understanding of how to deal with air pressure changes and having access to exceptional products meant that the city and general contractor could be confident that the containment would withstand the circumstances and the water would remain clean.


In the end, the general contractor was extremely pleased with the results of this project. The strength and reliability of the walls combined with TuffWrap’s commitment to innovation and customer service ensured complete success for this general contractor and his client.

“We were impressed with strength and resiliency of the temporary walls and how reliable they were throughout the project duration.We look forward to partnering with TuffWrap again in the future.”–Edward Schultz, FH Paschen

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