TuffWrap Protects Facility Following Tornado | Case Study

Case Study 4:

TuffWrap Protects Facility Following Tornado

Project Overview: TuffWrap Installations, Inc. assisted a major beverage company after their roof was damaged from a tornado. TuffWrap’s Suspended Cover solution helped eliminate secondary damage and contamination to products.

TuffWrap protects facility following tornadoClient: Confidential

Regional Sales Manager: Gino Alberico

Project Manager: Charlie Ringhof

Project Size: 130,000 sq. ft.

Duration: June 2014-Fall

The Challenge

Above this racking area, Suspended Cover was installed to protect products. In spring 2014, a devastating tornado in Granite City, IL, caused extensive damage to businesses, homes, and cars. When the roof of the area’s largest Fortune 500 beverage company was damaged, it threatened the purity of products in the company’s warehouse. Weather and outdoor elements were an immediate problem, and repairing the roof also posed a concern regarding unsafe contaminants.

TuffWrap was tasked with installing interior protection around the client’s Laser Guided Vehicles (LGVs), which automatically move beverage products. It was critical that the LGVs’ schedule be known amongst TuffWrap employees, otherwise there could be catastrophic safety issues such as LGVs and aerial lifts colliding. However, the LGVs’ programming could be modified, which was the key to installing protection around the client’s products.

The Solution

An aisle between two racks, where TuffWrap lifts maneuvered to install the Suspended Cover.TuffWrap’s growing infrastructure provided the client with a very quick response time that immediately set the planning process into action. Since the roof was being repaired, flame retardant Suspended Cover would be utilized to shield the beverage products from contamination. To install this solution, the client and TuffWrap worked together to create a LGV schedule that would prevent safety hazards. This was the first step in assuring that TuffWrap would have full mobility to successfully complete the installation.

The client’s products were stacked on shelving racks in aisles at the warehouse. To allow aerial lifts access, the LGVs were programmed to reorganize the products and shelves to create room for TuffWrap lifts to maneuver between aisles. The collective effort and ingenuity of TuffWrap and its client are the reason that the 130,000 sq. ft. installation of Suspended Cover was achieved.

Why TuffWrap

Due to an already well-established, trustworthy relationship, this client recruited the help of TuffWrap, a reputable interior protection provider that they knew would react swiftly so products were no longer in jeopardy of contamination.

In addition, the TuffWrap Project Manager/Estimator (PME) assigned to this project received commendations from the client’s onsite Construction Manager, who was very satisfied with the TuffWrap crew that installed the Suspended Cover. Specifically, TuffWrap was praised for its dedication to completing the project safely by following OSHA guidelines. Safety continues to be TuffWrap’s top priority, and this project is proof that the goals of the TuffWrap Safety Committee are being positively implemented in the field.


The overall goal of this project was to install Suspended Cover quickly to prevent dust and debris contamination once the roof repairment project began. When faced with additional challenges such as LGVs and strict time constraints, TuffWrap leveraged its strong workforce and innovative nature. Every project is unique, and TuffWrap continues to defy the limits of dust and debris containment, proving that it is the industry’s preferred interior protection provider.

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