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Our Favorite Question, “What is Interior Protection?”

What is Interior Protection?  Learn more at www.tuffwrap.com.This is a question we are asked daily.  The reason it is our favorite is because to us the answer is straightforward:  “It’s what we do.”  However, we know it’s not that clear if you haven’t encountered a need for Interior Protection before.

Let’s say you have a roof that needs to be replaced or repaired.   What is underneath that roof?  It could be anything from a storage room where you keep supplies, to a plant that operates around the clock producing life saving medications.  There could be lights hanging from the ceiling or cranes that lift thousands of pounds.  Most of the time, there are people under that roof.

Perhaps, instead of a roof, sections of a building need to be torn down, expanded or fixed.  It could be a portion of your production floor or a section of your retail store.  It is these types of construction projects that make protecting the rest of your business from dust and debris a necessity.

The need to seal off a dirty area from a clean area is the basis for using Interior Protection.

Sound simple?  Not exactly.  Sealing off a room filled with products, machinery or people can be quite difficult.  Look up at the ceiling and what do you see?  How many “penetrations” are up there?  How do you ensure nothing falls through the cracks during the project without getting in the way of pipes, fire sprinklers or lights?  Inspect the area where you might need a temporary wall.  Do you need to get through the wall regularly?  Is there a chance dust could come in from one side to the other?

Successful Interior Protection means that all possible areas of entry for debris are sealed without impeding your business functions.

TuffWrap’s definition of Interior Protection is even more extensive than that.  We believe daily processes and procedures should be taken into consideration and planned for.   When needed, doors are available and functional.  All safety requirements are met.  Most importantly, the dust is contained and will be removed post-construction.

In future blog posts, we’ll talk more about the specific questions you should ask and what you should expect from an Interior Protection provider.  We’ll also keep you covered on the latest news and innovations in our industry.

For more information on our custom Interior Protection products and services, please visit TuffWrap’s Solutions page.