Using Interior Protection in 2019 - From the Marketing Office - TuffWrap Installations

Using Interior Protection in 2019 – From the Marketing Office

I can’t believe it is 2019! Is it possible I started working for TuffWrap® almost four years ago?  As I look back to 2015, I see not only how much TuffWrap has evolved, but how much opportunity we still have to help our customers in the years to come.  

As a company, we’ve continued to grow, expand our service base and educate potential customers on the benefits of our solutions.  We’ve seen new employees join us, worked on new types of projects and have spent time finding innovative ways to improve our interior protection products and services.  With the ways things are going, 2019 is going to be an exciting year at TuffWrap!

But how does this help you, our interior protection customer?  It means that now more than ever we are prepared to address your construction dust & debris challenges.  When planning for your 2019 project, consider these 4 ways the interior protection industry has evolved and has become more accessible:

  1. Protection for reroofing is safer: Suspended Cover no longer has to impact the fire sprinkler system.  It is now the standard in our industry to use a product that adheres to NFPA 13 and allows the system to function as designed.  Find more about TuffWrap’s SmartSeam® here.
  2. The bar has been raised for interior construction: From buildouts to manufacturing projects, the idea of having to use full studded walls or draping basic plastic is no longer the norm.  Many of our largest customers find temporary barriers to be essential to their project success.  Thanks to ongoing improvements in dust and debris containment, contractors do not need to spend excessive time finding ways to keep a facility functional or clean while they are completing the extensive activities associated with their project timeline. 
  3. Interior protection can help in more than just food and beverage facilities: Over the past four years, we’ve watched our industry’s depth and breadth of work expand exponentially.  It has moved from straightforward reroofing and renovations to projects that involve expansions and concrete floor replacement.  There are very few types of buildings in which we haven’t put a solution.  Swimming pools, ice rinks, data centers, airports – you name it, they all have benefited from dust and debris containment.
  4. Your specific construction challenge is more common than you think: Just because you have never seen a solution before, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.  Have a project challenge?  Let’s explore it.  Over the course of our company’s tenure, we’ve had customers come to us many times with problems that seemed overwhelming.  In the end, we were able to meet their needs.  You might think we’ve never seen it before, but we may have the experience you are looking for. 

The most important thing to remember when it comes to using dust and debris containment in 2019?  I’m a little biased, of course, but I think it is important to remember that the TuffWrap team is ready to help.  We’d love the chance to be there to support your 2019 project goals. 

Best Wishes for a great start to the New Year!