TuffWrap Installations Is Committed To The Future of Interior Protection

Thankful For…

Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here again! This time last year we introduced you to the entire TuffWrap team and gave thanks for their contributions to the organization.

We’re happy to say that in 2016, we have continued to grow while staying focused on giving our customers the best possible interior protection products and services available. We’ve been committed to spreading the word about dust and debris containment. More and more clients have discovered the benefit and value of using TuffWrap® during reroofing and renovation projects.

Since last Thanksgiving, we’ve added a Safety Manager, multiple Project Managers and a new Regional Sales Manager as well as new faces behind the scenes in Accounting and Operations. We’re expanding our product offerings and continuing to invest in necessary R&D.

Ultimately, we know none of this would be happening if it weren’t for you, our customers. It is because of your support and ongoing belief in what we have to offer that we are able to keep the interior protection industry moving forward. So this Thanksgiving, we just wanted to say –

Thanksgiving 2016







All the best from your TuffWrap Team!