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Temporary Walls for Social Distancing

Temporary walls for social distancing

Historically, Interior Protection is used for containment – the process of separating clean areas from dirty ones during construction-related projects. With the current challenges our world and customers are currently facing, we are seeing a change in the definition of what needs to be contained.

What is the new definition of containment?

In many places, construction has come to a halt. 

However, there are still a variety of essential businesses in need of temporary walls for different types of containment. 

It is crucial that essential businesses keep running and that the supply chain of critical products stays uninterrupted – and that means keeping employees on the job. How do you keep your employees healthy and safe during the COVID-19 crisis, though?  

That’s where temporary walls come into play. Temporary walls can be used to facilitate social distancing in the workplace.

Strategically placed temporary barriers can help in a wide variety of locations within a facility. Examples include:

  •       Creating new areas in break rooms, locker rooms
  •       Defining and segregating space between manufacturing, packaging or distribution lines
  •       Keeping employee foot traffic physically separated

Why is this important for protecting essential employees?

Social distancing is one of the most important things we can do right now to stop the spread of COVID-19. Temporary barriers make enforcing social distancing in the workplace easier and more effective. People are used to their daily work activities and while they might not mean to come in contact, routines are hard to break. Having a physical barrier creates a demarcated space that cannot be misinterpreted.

Additionally, employees should be given explicit instructions on how they can stay safe.  Placing barriers establishes a clear message about the plan of action and ensures that foot traffic has a defined path to follow. It also eliminates concerns by putting the responsibility of keeping essential employees safe where it belongs: with their employer. Employees should not have to come up with best practices for maintaining social distancing in the workplace by themselves.

Providing essential employees with assurances that measures are in place can also have a positive impact on their mental and emotional well-being. When steps are taken to keep employees healthy, it lets them know that they are being proactively protected and their personal welfare is valued.  Trust between a company and its employees is critical during a crisis.

Ultimately, temporary containment solutions can keep essential employees safe, healthy, and on the job, which in turn will help to keep companies functioning and the supply chain intact. 

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TuffWrap’s COVID-19 Guidelines can be found here.

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