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Customizing Temporary Walls for Airport Renovations

How often have you walked through an airport recently and seen construction?

With all of the terminal expansions and enhancements these days, it is common to see construction taking place inside airports. Finding the best solution for preventing dust migration and keeping people safe during the project duration can be difficult.

However, this exact problem is one we at TuffWrap® have a solution for.

While working in an airport recently, we attached a C.O.R.E. Frameless Wall to the contractor’s base thus creating a temporary barrier (specifically one with a hard wall on the bottom with our solution attached on top). This was done to help create a work environment that was suitable for the contractor and to separate the workers from the airport patrons so not to disturb anyone’s experience in the terminal.

Some challenges are not easily solved with one interior protection product or service. This is why TuffWrap works with customers to provide all types of solutions that meet their needs.

The best solution for everyone in this situation was not just a standard wall, but the coordinated custom installation that included our C.O.R.E. Frameless Wall. In the end, it was ultimately able to help give airport patrons and contractors the separation they needed to go about their business in the most efficient manner possible.

Find out if C.O.R.E. Frameless Walls are the right solution for your project, contact our team today.