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Why Use Temporary Walls?

Why Use Temporary Walls During Construction?

Any type of construction activity in an occupied facility can lead to the migration of dust and debris. This can have significant impacts on the products, property or people located in or near the construction area. Whether those impacts are health, contamination or damage related, they can be avoided by utilizing temporary walls

Temporary walls allow you to efficiently and effectively separate the work zone from any daily operations and/or product storage. These fully sealed barriers will help ensure that dust and debris stay out of the clean areas within the facility. They are also a flexible solution that can easily fit within most environments.

Hazards of Dust and Debris Contamination

Within an enclosed building, construction dust can lead to various types of air pollution. This pollution has the potential to affect workers, machinery, and products. 

  • Worker Hazards – Construction dust can cause numerous health problems including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and chronic bronchitis.
  • Machinery Damage – Equipment contaminated by dust will require regular maintenance and result in overall less productivity for the team.
  • Product Contamination –  In manufacturing facilities especially, contact with dust or debris can result in damage, recalls or consumer illness.

Having a plan to avoid these problems during the project duration can save time, money and any prevent long-term effects. Learn more about creating an interior protection plan.

Are temporary walls the right solution for me?

To separate the construction or renovation project from the rest of the facility, it is crucial to find the right solution to fit your layout, budget, and any other restrictions of the jobsite. TuffWrap’s temporary walls offer a custom solution with 3 major benefits:

Complete Coverage

Temporary walls are sealed from floor to ceiling using an antistatic, antimicrobial and flame resistant poly that is taped around all penetrations. This ensures debris particles are safely contained within the construction zone and are far removed from the facility and anyone inside. 

Flexibility is Key

We offer three main products that are custom installed to fit the needs of the jobsite. Our most common products and combinations include:

C.O.R.E. Frameless Walls®

These walls do not require additional support structure, which makes them both cost effective and efficient.  Because of this, they also are easily adaptable in congested areas.

TuffWrap C.O.R.E. Frameless Wall

Learn more about our C.O.R.E. Frameless Walls

SmartSeam® Suspended Cover

Our suspended cover product was the first to be tested and classified by UL for installation below fire sprinklers.  As a result, it also meets NFPA 13. This antistatic, antimicrobial and flame resistant effectively captures falling dust and debris during reroofing projects. 

TuffWrap SmartSeam Suspended Cover

See our SmartSeam® in action.

Hybrid Walls

These walls are a combination of a standard C.O.R.E. Frameless wall with a structured base.  While these provide additional strength at the base of the wall, they are modular and assembled onsite which makes them easier to install than a standard wall.

TuffWrap Hybrid Wall

See more about Hybrid Walls

Any of these solutions can be combined together to match the specific needs of a facility.

Stay on Schedule

The TuffWrap team’s goal is to not only protect your facility, but do it in a non-intrusive manner that works with your schedule. We regularly work nights, weekends and holidays to install in facilities that cannot afford to change their daily operations. Our team will have a discussion up front with all project participants to come up with the best schedule for the situation and with the goal of completing it as quickly as possible.

Protect Your Next Project

For years we have protected countless industries and facilities, from pharmaceutical and food production to industrial and retail spaces. To see an inside look at some of our projects, check out our case studies.