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The Positive Impacts of Teamwork in Interior Protection

The Positive Impacts of Teamwork in Interior ProtectionStandalone renovation projects are complicated. If you have several going on at one time in numerous locations it quickly becomes more than complex. There are always a multitude of potential issues that arise.

When it comes to protecting your products and employees, interior protection is a priority that has its own nuances. Putting up dust and debris containment in one place, taking it down in another. Determining what areas need protection and which ones don’t. Adjusting schedules to meet deadlines and timeframes. It’s a constant conversation that needs ongoing attention.

This post by Calin Riley on Construction Today’s blog addresses the concept of teamwork in the design-build process and the positive impact it has on reducing costs as well as limiting potential problems.

This idea is also applicable when incorporating dust and debris containment into your construction project plan. If you are a customer who has several locations with ongoing projects, a direct partnership with an Interior Protection provider can be a beneficial and strategic option for your company. Here’s how:

1. Confusion is eliminated: He said…she said.”  Only an Interior Protection provider really knows the best way to protect your assets from dust and debris. Direct communication with them helps to eliminate confusion and make sure everyone has the facts. Having the facts also means less opportunity for ending up with unidentified costs.

2. Knowledge is shared: “You do what…when?!”  Understanding how your facilities and business operate is extremely important to the success of any Interior Protection installation. By working with a provider one-on-one, you can minimize the need for re-education. Over time and across various projects, this can have a positive, tangible impact.

3. Relationships are established: “We’re in this together.”  Establishing a relationship allows for a two way conversation about what works and what doesn’t. It also means that you have input on custom solutions to ensure they are developed and executed effectively for your specific environment. Instead of two separate entities, the customer and the interior protection provider become an integrated team that possess a shared goal.

Generally speaking, customers all have different ways of doing business. Being able to collaborate with and support a multifaceted organization is an important aspect of delivering consistent and reliable dust and debris containment.

If you have multi-state, multi-location construction projects – We invite you to take a minute to contact our Strategic Account Manager, Gino Alberico. He is well-versed in understanding the specific challenges of your environment and will be a positive addition to your project planning team.

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