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Let’s Talk Trade Shows

TuffWrap Tradeshow Exhibit

Trade shows can be a lot of fun.  Depending on where they are located, how many people attend and the general atmosphere, there’s plenty of opportunity to have a great experience.

But let’s be honest, who of us hasn’t stood up for eight straight hours on a cement-based floor (carpet really makes no difference) and then gone back to our hotel room thinking “couldn’t they have served just a tiny morsel of food?”

Here at TuffWrap®, our Sales and Marketing team has spent a lot of time exhibiting across the continental U.S.  We’ve had our share of challenges to overcome so we thought we’d share a few of our thoughts on the subject.

It never fails – You either gain weight or lose weight.  If you lose weight, it means you starved for eight hours while manning or visiting the booths.  If you gained weight, it was probably a great show that had an extensive menu throughout the day.  Which would you choose?  We’ll take our chances with the latter.  Think about it, you are getting the exercise either way, so why not go all in? 

Your feet hurt.  Carpet, no carpet.  Padding, no padding. You aren’t going to win with the concrete that is underneath.  We vote to leave the heels at home and go for the comfortable shoes. Maybe add some inserts as well?

What’s your name again?  We all try avoid whiplash or looking like crazy giraffes trying to read each other’s name tags.  Some show organizers understand and use large print for the names (and titles) and some don’t.  But regardless, the real problem is constantly wishing that people would flip their name tags over.  Shouldn’t there be a solution to this ill-fitting lanyard problem?  We all wish there was, but for now we figure it is probably best to just handle it old fashioned style – stick out your hand and introduce yourself.

Hey! Look at me over here in this booth!  Besides literally jumping in front of someone in the aisle, there has to be another way to capture the attention of a potential contact.  We’ve found that something that adds movement (we like our scrolling banner) and is positioned correctly can really stand out.  Many booths have digital displays, so having something completely different can help extract you from the bunch. (Oh and…don’t forget to smile and say hi.)

Don’t humans need water to survive?  Seriously people.  Let’s see – standing up all day, talking all day, being in the same warm room with tons of other humans…water is a basic need.  Our take is:  Be it bottled or at stations, fresh water should be part of the “basic booth package” at every one of these events.  However, our experience is – don’t count on it.  Make sure you stock up, fill up or bring your own bottle just in case. 

The TuffWrap team has their favorite trade shows and we’ll share them later in the year.  In the meanwhile, we’re gearing up for the fall season and can’t wait to see everyone on the exhibit floor!