4 Necessary Fire Prevention Questions To Ask regarding Interior Protection

Four Questions to Ask – Suspended Cover & Fire Sprinklers

In any commercial/industrial environment, the potential for fire is something that should not be ignored.  According to the NFPA, in 2015 there were 113,500 non-residential structural fires, resulting in $3.1 billion in damages.* Those statistics are just one of the many reasons why it is important to ensure that fire sprinkler systems stay functional at all times.  Impairing the system in any way should be a thoroughly planned-for event.

This is also true when a facility is undergoing a reroofing project and plans to use suspended cover to capture falling dust and debris.  There should be no question that the sprinkler system should be taken into consideration during the planning phase of the project.

So what exactly should you ask prior to choosing an interior protection provider?  We recommend the following:

  1. How will the suspended cover be installed? Below or above the sprinkler system?
  2. If it is installed above, will it be strong enough to contain falling debris? Could the protection fall onto the sprinkler heads or interfere with them in any way?
  3. If it is being installed below, will the sprinkler system still function as designed?
  4. If the product being offered is designed to work below the sprinkler system, does it meet NFPA 13? Will a fire marshal find it acceptable for this building?

When installing suspended cover, the best choice is to utilize a product, such as SmartSeam®, that is designed to help reduce risks rather than create new ones.

Learn more about SmartSeam here and view our UL test video below to see how it works.

*Source:  National Fire Protection Association, “News and Research”   http://www.nfpa.org/news-and-research/fire-statistics-and-reports/fire-statistics/fires-in-the-us/overall-fire-problem/non-residential-structure-fires