Bringing Our Dust Containment Superpowers Across America

Superpowering Across the USA – From the Marketing Office


This year, the TuffWrap® Sales & Marketing team has put on our capes and tackled the interior protection industry in a new way.  We’re talking about superpowers and fighting off dust and debris to keep facilities functioning cleanly and safely during construction projects.

But it’s not just what we are talking about that makes our campaign unique, it’s how we go about it.  Traditional in-person marketing in the B2B world is often considered long gone, and the option of having “feet on the street” has disappeared with the trend towards locked offices and remote working.  As a result, the ability to make direct connections has become limited.

That’s why I feel lucky to be a part of an industry where people are still willing to welcome you at their office door with a smile.  At least that’s what I’ve experienced over the past year and a half as my counterparts and I have walked into over 400 customer offices across the U.S.  We’ve delivered our message in person and on most occasions, have been greeted positively and with genuine interest.

This year alone, I’ve been in the metropolitan areas of Houston, St. Louis, Kansas City, Orlando, Tampa, Baltimore and Los Angeles.  Every place I go, so many things are different – from the weather to the accents – from the architecture to the food.  It truly has been an amazing experience driving around these areas and discovering how unique they are.

But what I have also found is that everyone has one thing in common:  Our work.

In commercial/industrial construction, we depend on each other to be successful.  We’re all in this together, trying to find the best companies to partner with to make our mutual customers’ projects a success.  It doesn’t matter if I knock on a roofer’s door in Missouri or a general contractor’s door in California – all are looking to accomplish the same goals.

And I assure you, the team at TuffWrap shares your goals.  With that in mind, we’re not stopping our travels.  There are at least six more stops on our 2018 tour and our message remains the same: 

We’re here to keep dust and debris from attacking during renovations and reroofing.  

I hope you will watch for our updates and keep your door open.  If we haven’t done so, we could be knocking or pressing your buzzer very soon.  If you get a red bag, know that the Caped Interior Protection Providers are nearby and ready to help on your next project!

Follow our journey and find out where we are going to be next.

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