New Interior Hybrid Walls and Protection Design for 2016 Construction Job

SNEAK PEEK: Industrial Hybrid Walls

At TuffWrap, we pride ourselves on providing a temporary wall solution that doesn’t require all of the effort and cost associated with a standard studded wall. For our interior protection customers who are seeking a containment solution that still has significant strength at the base of the wall, our Hybrid Walls provide the perfect combination of rigidity and simplicity.

Sometimes, that wall needs to be even stronger and taller. In several industries and in certain environments, customers need a little bit more than what our standard Hybrid Wall has to offer. That’s why our sales team was excited to get a hands on look at the base installation for TuffWrap’s latest innovation, the Industrial Hybrid Wall.

Here’s a sneak peek at the new base structure:

IHW Demo 1       IHW Demo 2

We can’t wait to get you all the details, so watch for an official announcement about our latest product soon!