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Retail & Reroofing Activities

Retail Suspended CoverWhen it comes to reroofing in retail environments, there are usually three parties involved: property management, the roofer and store management. If falling debris becomes a concern, any or all of these participants have the ability to be negatively impacted.

So how do you stay ahead of the game and avoid potential dust and debris pitfalls? Here are three specific areas of concern that a professionally installed suspended cover solution can help to address.

Maintaining Customer Satisfaction: Retail spaces are generally open extensive hours during the day, which means that only roofing off hours could be problematic. By using interior protection, the roofing work can continue without dust or debris impacting employees or customers. A professional appearance is maintained and the containment allows everyone inside the building to feel safe during the project.

Protecting Products: Regardless of the time of day, even if people are not always present inside the building, products are. Loss or damage of assets is unacceptable. Interior protection limits this risk to the store’s core business and provides peace of mind. The roofer doesn’t have to worry about incurring additional costs, and the property manager can assure store management that they are keeping their best interest in mind.

In this video, TuffWrap® helped to protect a retail store during a reroofing project done by UB Commercial.

Staying in compliance: Retail establishments are public areas that anyone can walk into at any time. It is a known fact that suspended cover should not be allowed to impede fire sprinklers, which are standard in retail spaces. The suspended cover solution needs to be installed appropriately and should meet NFPA 13: Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems. This allows the dust and debris to be managed while staying compliant at the same time.

Ultimately, using interior protection ensures that everyone involved in the retail reroofing project is able to meet their commitments and avoid unnecessary problems.

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