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Making New Year’s Resolutions To Ensure Construction Safety

When it comes to construction safety, every year begins with the opportunity for construction industry members to renew their commitment to being safe on the job. Here are five resolutions that can aid in keeping a job site incident-free during 2016.Construction Safety Tips to Prevent Accidents

“This year we will…”

1. “…make safety training a priority.”  Training programs are established with everyone’s best interest at heart. By following prescribed work practices, pre-identified issues are avoided. This is especially true in high risk or unusual situations where documented procedures can make or break the safety of working conditions. Make it a priority to ensure that each individual has completed any required training and possesses a solid understanding of all relevant safety topics.

2. “…emphasize the correct use of safety equipment.”  Sometimes things can be uncomfortable. Safety equipment can be one of those things. However, it is probably uncomfortable because it is doing its job. A commitment to wearing and using safety equipment correctly will more than likely help to avoid accidents on numerous occasions during the course of the year.

3. “…follow the rules.”  In construction, rules were not made to be broken. They were developed and defined for good reason, often based on past experience and incidents. Rules and regulations clearly set boundaries around what works best for both the provider and the customer. Following the rules not only eliminates known risks but also addresses the customer’s expectations

4. “…ask questions and get answers.”  As they say, “Pride cometh before a fall.” Encourage team members to ask questions or obtain further direction when there is a lack of clarity around a specific procedure or task.

5. “…do it safely or not at all.”  This is the big one. It is well-known that both the customer and the service provider prefer taking the time up front to resolve a safety issue rather than discovering later that an accident has happened. When faced with a challenging situation, individuals should feel empowered to assess their ability to safely complete the task. They should also be encouraged to seek direction from any appropriate parties before proceeding.

By believing that all incidents are preventable and making a commitment to doing what it takes to stay safe during construction, 2016 can be a happy and healthy year for everyone.

For information on specific construction safety rules and regulations, visit OSHA’s website: 

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This blog post is based on TuffWrap’s “Raise the Awareness” work safety program which was developed specifically for the TuffWrap installation team to follow when on their job sites.