Reroofing Season – From the Marketing Office

Reroofing Season – From the Marketing Office

While sitting in my office last month, I suddenly heard a familiar noise that I hadn’t heard in a while.  It took me a minute, but I soon realized that the SmartSeam® machine had kicked on.

As we go through the winter months and the cold weather that comes along with it, it’s easy to forget that consistent sound I hear through my office wall during the rest of the year.  Reroofing slows down during the winter; and while interior protection as a whole never seems to slow down, come spring it’s time to make sure we have enough material for the projects ahead.

Over the years, TuffWrap has taken the lead on suspended cover innovation in our niche industry.  No doubt, it’s been an uphill battle and an ongoing test of our commitment and resilience.  From research and development to educating our customers, each challenge has been met and overcome – all in the name of being the best interior protection provider we can be and meeting our customers’ needs safely.  Because, when it comes to fire safety, having a suspended cover solution that can be installed without impeding the sprinklers is the only solution. 

No, we don’t offer alternative options.  Why?  Because we don’t believe that there are any alternative options.  At least not any that we are willing to bet our customers’ facilities on.

And, there’s more to it than just “passing a test.”  There’s more to it than saying we “meet the standards.”  The containment solution that we install has to get the job done.  The intent of suspended cover is to protect anything and everything below the reroofing project.

Suspended cover has to be strong enough to actually capture the dust and debris. Therefore, we use reinforced material…unfortunately, not recyclable…but required to avoid strength-of-system issues. 

It has to be installed properly as to not injure emergency responders.  Large pieces of plastic landing on firefighters’ heads during a fire isn’t acceptable. That’s why SmartSeam is constructed in 6’ X 10’ panels.

It can’t let dust through.  Stitching poly together with a heat reactive thread ends up compromising the fully sealed aspect of the solution. Thus, our custom-designed proprietary dust cap to the rescue.

It can’t impact the facility negatively. Have electronic equipment? Our material is antistatic.

Ultimately, it takes a multitude of different components to provide a solution that works both safely and effectively.   The entire TuffWrap team takes immense pride in our work, and we truly believe in our products and solutions, especially SmartSeam.  We can’t – and won’t – compromise when it comes to protecting our customers’ property, products and people.

So let the SmartSeam machine gear up – because friends, it’s time to replace those roofs.  Let’s get to work!