Protecting the Inside from the Outside

Protecting the Inside from the Outside

September 17th, 2018 Custom Solutions, Temporary Walls

To this point, there have been no limits to the potential benefits that TuffWrap’s interior protection solutions can provide, except when exterior exposure is involved.  Traditional dust and debris containment systems are not designed to accommodate exterior exposure and/or changes in air pressure.  In 2017, TuffWrap® addressed this need by including Shrink Wrap solutions in our portfolio of products and services.

Due to the way Shrink Wrap is installed, it can withstand environmental factors that regular temporary barriers cannot.  We use a durable poly shrink film to create a fully sealed weather barrier via the heat shrinking process. 

We recommend considering Shrink Wrap for situations where one of two factors exist:

  • Impactful air pressure changes
  • Exposure to the elements

Examples of the types of jobs we have provided Shrink Wrap solutions for include:

  • Cutting new dock doors
  • Adding onto existing structures, building expansions
  • Wrapping the exterior of a new structure so that work can take place on the inside prior to the exterior being completed
  • Renovations or retrofits where doors or other access points will be opening/closing or staying open

It is also important to note that Shrink Wrap is customizable.  For example, while Shrink Wrap is more commonly known as a temporary wall solution, it is does not have to be installed vertically.  It can be installed horizontally for use in specific reroofing situations as well.  When conditions have required, TuffWrap has installed Shrink Wrap in place of our regular suspended cover. 

In addition, we offer Shrink Wrap on the interior of the building in combination with our Industrial Hybrid Wall.  This provides an option for additional strength and security in the construction zone.

When it comes to dust and debris containment, protecting the interior at times requires addressing the exterior.  The TuffWrap team is excited for this opportunity to work with you on your new construction projects as well as your renovations. 

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