Lessons from Famous Food Recalls | Construction Dust Containment

Famous Food Recalls & Keeping Your Facility Free from Dust Contamination

Food facilityProduct recalls occur across most industries, but it always seems that the most unforgettable recalls come from within the food industry. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that each year, roughly 48 million people are affected by food-borne illnesses. In 2018 alone, the United States experienced a total of 125 food recalls which proves that it is (and always has been) crucial to keep your facility protected from contamination.

One contaminant that is often the source of a recall is Listeria, a bacteria found in dust, soil, water, and sewage that is known to multiply in refrigerated food. If consumed, it can cause severe digestive issues, nausea, and occasionally be fatal.

When a facility undergoes construction, it is extremely important to ensure that the production space is contained and free of any dust and debris contaminants that could contain Listeria and other harmful bacteria. 

Three Food Recalls from Listeria Contamination

  1. Tip Top Poultry

In September, Tip Top Poultry voluntarily recalled all of their “cooked, hot deboned fowl meat” produced within a nine-month time period after a sample of their ready-to-eat chicken was tested positive for listeria. Though a costly decision, they made a statement saying they wanted to put “People over Profit” and recall all of their cooked line to ensure safety moving forward.

  1. Pictsweet Farms

Popular frozen vegetable brand, Pictsweet Farms, issued a recall of their Steam’ables Asparagus Spears last November. The recall included almost 2,000 cases of the vegetable due to a potential Listeria contamination. Luckily for consumers and the company, no illnesses were reported but all purchases of the product could be refunded. 

  1. Oskri Corp.

Starting with a two product recall in January 2018, Oskri expanded its recall to include all nut and seed butters after testing positive for Listeria. They released a statement encouraging customers to dispose of the spreads immediately, If you are in possession of any of these products, we urge you to quarantine and destroy the product immediately.” The product had been spread across the country to 17 states and production was halted until cleared by the FDA.

Protecting the Facility is Crucial

Even after clearing listeria from a facility, the damage to brand image can be a lengthy stigma to overcome. Failing to protect the jobsite from dust and debris hazards can cause illness, a tarnished reputation, and loss of loyal customers. Ensure every reroofing or renovation is free from contamination with professionally installed interior protection. Learn more about our temporary enclosures and customize a solution for your jobsite.

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