TuffWrap Installations Team For 2017

Meet Our Installation Team: March 2017

It takes many hands to get the work done at TuffWrap®. Our installation team travels constantly, putting in long hours to protect our customers’ products, property and people. However, not everyone gets the chance to meet our installers. So, we thought we’d ask the team about a few of their favorite places and hobbies to give everyone an opportunity to get to know them a little bit better.

Here are this month’s featured team members:

Don F.Don Fielder

Favorite thing about working at TW: I enjoy seeing the different factories and how things are made.
Favorite place traveled to for TW: Mexico is my favorite.
Favorite food on the road: The Arabic food in Chicago is great and the Mexican food in California is fantastic.
Hobbies: I play both the guitar and the mandolin.




Miguel J

Miguel JeyJi

Favorite thing about working at TW: One of my favorite things is seeing the reaction on a new or repeat customer’s face when we complete a job. It’s a good feeling to know that you have met their expectations.
Favorite place traveled to for TW: During my time at TW I’ve been blessed to visit so much of the country, but warm states like California, Texas and Florida have brought me extra appreciation for my job at TW.
Favorite food on the road: In-N-Out Burger on the West Coast is my favorite. They have the best burgers that I can’t get back home. A “life-changing” dish I have eaten was Bamboo Fish in Marietta, GA.
Hobbies: I enjoy when I have quiet time to explore nature. I also like playing basketball and football.


Cody MCody Moyer

Favorite thing about working at TW: My favorite thing about working at TW is traveling around the country and seeing the different scenery in each state.
Favorite place traveled to for TW: I really like Seattle, Washington.
Favorite food on the road: I take time to try out the different BBQ spots in each state.
Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also play Frisbee golf, fish and hike.




Juan T.

Juan Troche

Favorite thing about working at TW: I enjoy traveling to different parts of the country and getting to meet new people along the way. It’s a great opportunity to create new friendships.
Favorite place traveled to for TW: Florida is my favorite. The weather is beautiful and there is a diverse culture and a variety of food choices.
Favorite food on the road: The Cuban food in Miami is the best by far.
Hobbies: I love playing video games with my son and spending time working on our YouTube channel. I also enjoy going to Puerto Rico for vacation with my family.

Watch for more posts about our installation crew in the coming months.

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