Mechanical Contracting: 3 Dust & Debris Containment Scenarios

Mechanical Contracting: 3 Dust & Debris Containment Scenarios

Dust and Debris Containment | TuffWrap Installations

Contractors often work on projects that can easily cause plenty of dust and debris creation. For many of these projects, TuffWrap® can help prevent the migration of contaminants while work is being performed.

Here are three potential scenarios where containment solutions may be able to assist:

1. HVAC System Replacement, Maintenance, or Repair

Problem: Business owners depend on their HVAC systems to support the functionality of their facilities. Because of this, it’s important to replace old systems or duct work in both a timely and safe manner. For example, an automotive manufacturer who has scheduled HVAC maintenance or repairs may not be able to afford downtime to avoid potential damage to the contents of their facility.

Solution: New HVAC systems can involve work on the roof including either opening the roof or creating vibrations that may lead to dust falling inside the facility. Suspended cover can be custom installed in the area to prevent this from happening. If duct work inside the building is involved, a wall can be added to create a total enclosure. This containment would help make sure that machinery, products, and employees are not disturbed or impacted by the dust or debris particles. 

2. Refrigeration System Replacement or Repair

Problem: Many processing and manufacturing facilities have refrigeration units that they depend on daily. If replacement or repair is required, they may need to segregate a portion of the facility to avoid disruption or downtime.

Solution: Larger projects in crowded manufacturing facilities create both visual and physical impacts to the area involved. A temporary wall could prevent any negative impacts to daily operations as well as cleanly separate the contractors from the food/ingredients, machinery, and employees.  

3. Pipe Repair or Replacement 

Problem: Various manufacturing facilities have plumbing running through the floor. If they need to repair or replace existing pipes in the floor, the contractor will likely need to drill or cut the concrete. This creates an unsafe environment with the potential for dust migration and silica dust inhalation.

Solution: A total enclosure could contain all of the dust and debris within one closed off location. This would separate the section of floor and plumbing being worked on from the rest of the facility. A fully sealed solution would ensure that particles could not escape and potentially impact the workers, equipment, or products.

These are just a few of the ways that an interior protection solution can assist in making your HVAC or plumbing project a little safer, cleaner, and better organized.

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