Making Winter Allergies Tolerable | Cleaning Your Home For The Holidays

Making Winter Allergies Tolerable

The winter season can be rough on your allergies. There are ways to make the season more tolerable, especially if you have chronic Winter Allergy Reducersallergic reactions to dirt and dust.

  • Remove your shoes when you enter your home. This is especially important for the holiday season, when friends and family will be visiting often. Wearing shoes throughout your home can drag dirt and dust in, which can settle into carpets and other flooring. Taking your shoes off and leaving them on a rubber mat by the front door will help contain the dirt to one area. When the mat gets too dirty, simply wipe or rinse it off.
  • Wash your bedding regularly. This is especially important if you’re having a lot of guests stay over. Washing the sheets in hot water will help kill dust mites and remove other allergens. Go the extra mile and cover your bed and pillows with allergy-reducing cases.
  • Dust your home often. Wipe down surfaces with a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution. The microfibers will cling to dust and remove it from the surface. When you’re done, wash the cloth and reuse as necessary.
  • Use an air-purification system. Check to see if your home is equipped with its own air-purification system first before you go out and purchase one. If you do need to purchase one, look for models that attack small particles of dust and virus spores.
  • Keep your home organized. Maintaining order in your home and avoiding clutter gives dust less places to settle. It also makes wiping surfaces to remove dust much easier.
  • Replace your HVAC filter frequently. This allows your heating and cooling system to allow more efficiently while also removing pollutants that can cause allergies to flare up.
  • Prevent mold buildup in bathrooms and kitchens by using a mold-killing cleaner. Wipe down surfaces weekly to stop mold growth.

Follow these tips to keep your home clean and lessen allergy flare-ups this winter!